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Carpe DC Food Tours was inspired by love

for the District and the people we’ve met all over the world

Meeting the locals and living like one

are truly what makes an adventure special

It’s the perfect Washington DC experience.

Walk along a bustling street in one of DC’s iconic neighborhoods. Sip an icy beverage from a local coffee shop while a newfound friend talks about the city’s rich history and how it evolved. Nibble on an empanada from a hidden gem that only locals know about. Stop and discover the colorful story about a mural in an alley that the big DC tour buses would never see.

That’s what Carpe DC is all about.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting for the weekend or planning a special event with friends. Our itineraries are designed to make you feel more like travelers discovering a new city than Segway-riding tourists being herded like cattle. We focus on local, community-driven restaurants whose food isn’t only delicious; but also reflects the city’s dynamic culture. Combine good eats with discovering cool facts about the city’s evolving music scene and ever-changing architecture, and you’ve got yourself quite a perfect day.

Oh, did we mention a portion of the proceeds goes toward charity?

Yup. We’re the first Washington, DC food tour that features a one-for-one program where a portion of each ticket purchased helps feed a local resident in need. For us, it’s all about love of DC. Our love for its food, its culture, and the community that makes it all happen. We can’t wait for you to join us in discovering what makes Washington, DC one of the greatest destinations in the world.




It’s one of our favorite streets in the city

Pick up tea from a 5th generation herbalist while we stroll and chat about the heydays of “Black Broadway” and who gave it the moniker and the role it played in during the Jazz Era. If you listen carefully, echoes of music still linger from historic theaters that still stand today.



A deliciously diverse neighborhood that might surprise you

Discover Georgetown’s cosmopolitan past. Sample Southern comfort food in a Prohibition-era bar where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie Bouvier, sip tea near a canal once used to transport goods to the West, and taste socially-conscious street food that helps feed refugees.



Experience the city’s nightlife like a local

Grab a slice from a pizza shop for the 21st century, try true American cooking in a historic jazz mecca where lively notes still hang in the air, and taste international fare that has made Washington, DC Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the Year.



Privacy has its privileges

What’s better than a birthday party or a work social with your closest family, friends or coworkers? If you have a party of 8 or more people and want us all to yourselves, we can make that happen! We will take the time to create the perfect experience that everyone will enjoy.










Give back to the DC community

As DC’s first one-for-one food tour, a portion of every ticket sale goes to feed a local district resident in need. We are able to do this through our partnership with Bread For the City. Just our small way of giving back and supporting this great city and its people.

Learn more about Bread For the City.

As some have mentioned, this was a in depth walking tour of a very important culturally diverse DC neighborhood. The food represented the various cultures that defined the neighborhood's development. As a historical tour, it was masterly done. The food stops were a perfect compliment, but not the main focus. This is not a tour about food, but about how food represents a culture.

—Larry J on TripAdvisor

This would be a great tour for anyone visiting the city for the first time or even long time residents who want to learn more about the food and history of D.C. I will highly recommend this tour to all of my friends.

—318cmd on TripAdvisor

All the places we visited were v. cool and symbolised something special about DC. I especially love that the business is a social enterprise and gives back to the community. I loved learning about historical figures that have had a significant influence on progressing the causes of minority groups. It was a v. special evening.

—Roslyn R on TripAdvisor

The pacing of the tour was spot-on. The tour began with a hearty sampling of sausage and chili fries, so everyone had something to eat within the first few minutes of the tour. The tour continued with a well- thought out combination of history and snacks at local restaurants along the way. Most of the food stops allowed for the chance to sit and savor the food samples, which was very relaxing. One of my family members is a vegetarian and we were able to indicate this while making our online reservation. Her dietary requests were accommodated with ease.

—lebroma on TripAdvisor

Having been to DC several times before, I was looking for something new to do during my visit. The food and drink selections the guide offered were unique and delicious and the walk around the city was interesting but not too long or taxing. It was nice to see parts of DC like a local.

—katierogers70 on TripAdvisor

Fantastic time on the Carpe DC Food Tour. We did this as a company to get acquainted with the U Street/Shaw area. We had some great food, but we also learned a lot about the history of the area. The tour guides were so friendly and informative. Loved meeting the others on the tour! Overall great experience!

—MorganHeckman104 on TripAdvisor

Carpe DC food tour is one of the most worthwhile, interesting tours we've taken. Our host, Amanda, effortlessly guided us to six different food and beverage locations, representative of the U St and Shaw neighborhoods...from the iconic Ben's Chili Bowl to authentic Ethiopian fare. And her knowledgeable background information and stops at so many historic properties in the area gave us so much perspective on the areas history steeped in the African American culture. The food choices were excellent and the educational experience was wonderful!! Amanda was fantastic!! I can't recommend Carpe DC more highly! It's a marvelous slice of the area.

—debbie341 on TripAdvisor

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Near U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station


Near McPherson Square Metro Station


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